ONFAB are official agents to Tailin who specialise in Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Systems (VHPS)

ONFAB now offer Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Systems (VHPS®) and has exclusivity as official agents to Tailin for the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Germany.

This bio-decontamination technology offers the highest level of sterilisation across a broad spectrum including bacteria, viruses and fungi and is compatible with almost all materials, such as apparatus, computers, ceilings and floors.

It is safe and clean, leaving no residue, and is a highly effective and efficient sterilization method.

The VHPS® technology works by using a hydrogen peroxide generator to vaporise a 35% hydrogen peroxide solution and then transport it, either through pipelines or spraying directly in the enclosed spaces for bio-decontamination.

HTY-SUPER SD5In the process of evaporation, the H2O2 will generate free hydroxyl, which could damage the cell composition (such as lipid, protein and DNA) by oxidation.

Vaporised hydrogen peroxide, under room temperature, has the ability to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and other kinds of micro-organisms.

The feature of VHPS® technology is that vapour hydrogen peroxide in the enclosed spaced isolator is always below drip point in the decontamination process.

When reaching the designed concentration, it will always control the relative humidity of the space.This will avoid the moisture saturation so as to reduce the affection of condensation.

The main advantage of dryVHPS® technology is that it minimises the impact on materials while achieving the highest level of decontamination.What’s more, it optimizes the time of H2O2 residue removal.

Key benefits:

  • VHPS provides unique technology in hydrogen peroxidedecontamination and isolator system.
  • Broad spectrum sterilisation including bacteria, viruses, fungi and other types of micro-organisms.
  • Provides complete sterile, detect and verification solutions for customers.
  • Minimum impact on materials, no H2O2 condensation and adherence.

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