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fab-flex-systemONFAB’s new containment system, FAB-FLEX, is a range of “Off the Shelf” Glove bag isolators that can be tailor-made to be used for high levels of containment for a variety of solutions and processes.

Configure you’r own FAB-FLEX containment system below by choosing a base Glove Bag layout and adding different additional components.

Advantages of using FAB-FLEX

  • Flexible design arrangement
  • Systems that have been tried and tested by ‘you’ our Clients
  • Ease of use with component parts that work with your operators for improved manageability
  • Short lead times and the ability to handle large volumes
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ONFAB can offer a range of base Glove-bag units for you to expand. These come with 2,3 or 4 Glove sleeves and in either 2 or 3 cells.

Support Frame

Support frames can be made out of light weight 25mm chrome tube and fittings or fully polished 2mm stainless steel tube and fittings.

The support frame provides support to the flexible Glove Bag and allows a dedicated work space for users.

Material Transfer

Liner System

Continuous liner systems for the container discharging of materials. May be installed to existing equipment discharge points with minimum or no modification.

Glove-Bag Sleeve

Used for service sleeve requirements, material transfer and attachments. Made using PU 250 micron anti-static material and available in any size diameter and length.

Pass Through Boxes

Pass through boxes will allow different components to be transferred into the isolator safely, without the risk of exposure or contamination. The fully air tight zips and secure seal allow for safe material transit. Pass through boxes can be made from acrylic, stainless steel or flexible polyurethane.


Pressure & Condition

Ambient Pressure: the glove-bag will allow a performance of 1-10mcg/m3

Negative Pressure: the glove-bag will allow a performance of below 1mcg/m3

Inerted: glove-bag will provide a full N2 processing blanket

Relative humidity: control system will allow humidity control between two sets points within the bands of processing rooms operational RH and a gas of choices RH

Irradiated:  glove-bags for sterile or asepctic requirements

FDA Approved Material: requirements for product contacting processes.


There is a choice of different gloves and zips to add to the FAB-Flex system. Please specify these below.


Provide details of other requirements or questions.

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