Environmental Fan Systems

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fan-systems-4What is an environmental fan system?

An environmental fan system is a sophisticated enhancement to any flexible isolator, providing a significantly improved level of containment.

The purpose of an environmental fan is to run the glove bag or flexible isolator within specific conditions.

The benefits

Improved levels of containment are achieved via the following:

  • Air is drawn into the bag / isolator to protect against leakages
  • Powders released into the bag during processing are drawn into the outlet filter
  • Air is only expelled via the inlet and outlet filters if the bag becomes slightly inflated; for example when the glove sleeves are forced into the bag
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Portable and compact
  • Protection against a breached condition

Control systems

Fitting a fan system to a standard glove bag gives the operator infinite control over the isolator’s internal pressure, air flow and air quality.

Negative pressures can be maintained throughout the use of the isolator, providing an instant response to potential breaches.

Specific applications

  • Achieves positive pressure capability for Aseptic isolators
  • A preferred air quality is achievable with the use of inlet and outlet HEPA filters
  • An inert condition can be achieved via the use of nitrogen
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