Continuous Liner Systems & Accessories

liner tie systems & accessories

continuous-liner-systemsWe design, manufacture and install continuous liner systems for the contained discharging of materials.

Systems features may include:

  • Installation to existing equipment discharge points with minimum or no modification
  • Self liner loading for reduced liner wastage
  • Pre-dispensed liner cartridges
  • Contained liner change-over
  • Systems can be adapted for existing approved liner if required
  • Systems can be supplied with a liner manufactured from FDA approved 1st Grade Virgin Anti-Static Polythene
  • Systems can be supplied with secondary containment, for high level containment requirements
  • CIP system attachments available
  • Systems manufactured in SS or Hastoloy

Continuous Liner Accessories

ONFAB have also designed a way of securely tying the liner off at stages as it is being used.

It provides High Containment and ease of use for the safe operation of Glove Bag Sleeves and Continuous Liner material charge, discharge and storage.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple to apply
  • High Containment Capability
  • Durable and high Strength
  • Long Term Sealing
  • Double Lock Security System preventing accidental release
  • Can be used across the full range of sleeves and liner
Flexible canister  SiliconeFlexible canister made to measure by ONFAB
FDA approved anti-static polyethylene liner100mm ODONFAB1323PEStandard range of 4 grooved PP canisters. Variations made to customer requirements
 150mm ODONFAB1957PE 
 200mm ODONFAB1958PE 
 250mm ODONFAB1959PE 
 300mm ODONFAB1960PE 
 350mm OD (14")ONFAB1405PE 
 575mm OD (23")ONFAB1461PE 
Stretch tape1 rollONFAB1579  
Pipe cuttersPairONFAB1442  
Safety scissorsPairONFAB1441  
O ring75mm ID 6mm SectionONFAB1590 Standard range of tabbed silicone O rings. Variations made to customer requirements
 150mm ID 6mm sectionONFAB1591  
 250mm ID 6mm sectionONFAB1584  
 350mm ID 6mm sectionONFAB1586  
Band clamp100mm band clamp 27HT 090-135mmONFAB1597316L SS 
 150mm band clamp 27HT 130-175ONFAB1593316L SSStandard range of adjustable lever type band clamps. Variations made to customer requirements
 200mm band clamp 27HT 170-215ONFAB1557316L SS 
 250mm band clamp 27HT250-295ONFAB1556316L SS 
 300mm band clamp 57HT 290-335ONFAB1555316L SS 
 350mm band clamp 57HT 335-375ONFAB1594316L SS 
 400mm band clamp 57HT 370-415ONFAB1585316L SS 
 500mm band clamps 57-HT490-535ONFAB1587316L SS 
 600mm band clamps 570-615ONFAB1581316L SS 
 700mm band clamp 57-HT670-715ONFAB1592316L SS 
Cartridge filter30m³/H HEPA filter 3203.01.00ONFAB1386  
 50m³/H HEPA filter 3204.01.00ONFAB1389  
Kleenpak filterKA2J060P1 Kleenpak filterONFAB1340  
 KA3J060P1 Kleenpak filterONFAB1444  
SealantTubeONFAB0988Clear siliconeFDA compliant silicone sealant
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