Containment Equipment

glove bags, glove bag accessories

containment-equipment-7We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service and providing the best containment systems achievable. We have designed hundreds of systems capable of attaining high levels of containment including;

  • Dispensaries
  • Upgrading of down-flow booths
  • Charging of materials
  • Sampling systems
  • Discharging of materials
  • Equipment coupling and de-coupling
  • Conveying of materials
  • Packing line enclosures
  • Full containment suites
  • Safe change systems
  • Equipment maintenance and break ins
  • Decontamination suites
  • Specialising in the application of flexible systems to existing plant and equipment

Why Choose ONFAB for you Containment needs?

  • Years of experience delivering systems around the world that are custom made to your needs and requirements
  • Systems that have been tried and tested by ‘you’ our clients
  • Ease of use with component parts that work with your operators for improved manageability
  • Short lead times and the ability to handle large volumes
  • Knowledge of many processes, so we can provide you with the containment that you need

Benefits of ONFAB’s Containment Systems

  • Easy access glove ports to improve operator usage
  • Experience in retro fitting existing equipment to maximise your existing work space
  • On average 99% cheaper than hard walled isolators
  • Designed to meet ‘your’ needs not our pockets

We only recommend a Containment Package that you need. We have thousands of designs that are installed all over the world, let us help you with your Containment problem. We are proud to have been one of the first, and we like to think best, flexible containment manufacturers in the world.

For any query, please contact us and we can arrange a solution.

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