Clean Rooms & Suites

manufactured to your specifications

clean-rooms-4We specialise in providing soft walled cleanrooms and suites to suit a range of different industries from pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies through to food manufacturers and medical institutions.

All our products are custom engineered and are easy to install, maintain and upgrade.

Features and Benefits

  • A range of quickly deployed and rapidly installed clean rooms
  • Cost effective way to segregate environments
  • Containment of dust and particulate for existing or new facilities
  • can incorporate filters for safe air change and control of the internal environment
  • surround large pieces of equipment for product protection
  • can incorporate the following
    • material / operator air lock
    • Hatch/bag out or in ports
    • Filtered fan system with ONFAB very own environmental fan system
    • Clean room furniture i.e. step off bench

ONFAB have experience in protection of full rooms for product protection and air lock in existing facilities where space is limited.

For more information about customised rooms or to arrange a site visit, call us on 01606 832080

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